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In the middle of the drought, farmers out in Western NSW asked if things could possibly get any worse – and then they did. Bushfires, floods and hot on their heels, Coronavirus (Covid-19).  

The events of our lives confront and challenge us, sometimes, and for some, every day. Covid-19 crept in amongst us all leaving, for many, loss and grief and for others, stress, anxiety, fear and isolation. The struggle to find understanding and meaning in tragedy and loss is a challenge. Lost lives, lost homes, lost jobs, lost income, lost opportunity – lost peace.

So, we’re reaching out to you and asking you to help those who are desperate for support. We know that when we all return to sharing spaces with each other, greeting our friends with a hug or just chatting together over a coffee, many people will need to come to Quest to find that place of peace within themselves and be comforted and healed.

If you’re able to pay it forward, perhaps because you’ve been on a program or would simply like to help, please consider Quest. Whatever you can give, you’ll make a profound and positive difference in someone’s life. Thank you for your generosity.



My family has been farming our property near Warren for over 100 years. Country people are notoriously poor at asking for assistance and are reluctant to accept it. By necessity we have had to be self-reliant. Limited and misleading media coverage has sometimes left me feeling misunderstood and increasingly isolated. The lack of access to services and resources has further heightened this feeling of isolation.

Trauma, illness, grief, depression and anxiety don’t discriminate and are by no means exclusive to rural communities. The impact from these and other issues is compounded in communities that are also under climatic stress, in this case drought. ...

“Mother’s Love”, growing in Harriet’s resting place, blossomed in time for Mother’s Day.


On 28 December 2016, our 25th wedding anniversary, we received a phone call from a friend to say our 21½ year-old daughter, Harriet had had an accident. A branch from a gum tree had fallen. We found ourselves at Westmead Hospital in Sydney. We had no idea about the extent of Harriet's injuries.

Confronted with every parent’s incomprehensible nightmare, our beautiful, precious daughter was on life support. 22 hours later we lost our treasured Harriet. Our lives as we knew it had changed in a heartbeat. A month later a friend who worked at Quest for Life introduced us to one remarkable and very special woman, Petrea King via mail enclosing 2 books, 2 CDs, the story of the Rainbow, a superb letter and anything that would offer comfort to us. ...


Have you thought about fundraising for a cause? Bob’s story may inspire you. Former Police Officer Bob Simpson chose to fundraise for Quest for Life by cycling from Perth to Bundanoon in 2019. He raised close to $40,000.

“It was an absolute honour to ride across Australia and Ride Against PTSD for the life changing Quest for Life Foundation. It was a joy to be able to raise some much-needed funds for this wonderful charity. The philosophies of Quest for Life are a basic recipe for peace in your life. It has changed my life.

I’ve been able to continue my relationship with Quest and their beautiful people since my Ride Against PTSD. The mental health of first responders who serve and suffer can improve and be managed through the gifts of kindness, gratefulness, mindfulness and meditation. The team at Quest can teach you this!

I’m a better person for being involved with Quest. I am more peaceful. I communicate better and I want for less. I am ready to serve again. Ready for life.”


Our Appeal to you…

Please help us expand our hope and healing services for people most in need!

For 31 years, Quest for Life has been running life-giving programs and has supported over 125,000 people living with life challenges.

With every program, we witness the amazing transformation of people who refuse to be defined by the physical, mental or emotional trauma in their lives. People arrive at Quest feeling broken, anxious, grief-stricken, distressed or depressed and, by the end of the week, they’re filled with joy and hope, and well on their way to healing. With the right tools, skills and strategies and a safe and healing environment, Quest makes a profound difference in people’s lives.

Please help us continue this important work by donating, becoming a regular giver, or by fundraising.

Why we need your help

It’s often when people are in such a difficult place in their life that they’re unable to work and can’t afford to attend a program. These people include men and women who’ve experienced a disaster, diagnosis, grief, divorce, sexual or physical abuse, war trauma, mental anguish, sudden job loss or other challenge. 

Donations provide hope and healing for people who are in need of Quest’s support and assistance.  When people return home after a program, their changed perspective and confidence positively influences their relationships and radiates into their wider community. Please help Quest to radiate hope, healing and peace into our communities by donating to our Financial Appeal.

Help us continue to provide a place of hope and healing for those in need

In these challenging times, Quest has adapted to meet the needs of social and physical distancing by providing ways to connect with us and to deliver our programs in an online, interactive, personal and engaging way.

We would like to thank and acknowledge every supporter who has played a part in our journey to where we are today. You have helped us touch the lives of over 125,000 people through Quest for Life’s programs and services. With your support, we will continue to make a difference to the lives of others, their families and our communities. 

Quest services will be needed more than ever over the coming year. With the right tools, skills and strategies and a healing environment, Quest makes a profound difference in people’s lives. Please help us to meet that need.

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