Our Appeal to you…

Please help us expand our hope and healing services for people most in need!

For 30 years, Quest for Life has been running life-giving programs and has supported over 120,000 people living with life challenges.

With every program, we witness the amazing transformation of people who refuse to be defined by the physical, mental or emotional trauma in their lives. People arrive at Quest feeling broken, anxious, grief-stricken, distressed or depressed and, by the end of the week, they’re filled with joy and hope, and well on their way to healing. With the right tools, skills and strategies and a safe and healing environment, Quest makes a profound difference in people’s lives.

Please help us continue this important work by donating, becoming a regular giver, or by fundraising.

Why we need your help

Donations and fundraising offer hope and healing to people most in need of help and this ripples out to their families and their wider community. You can be a part of creating that ripple effect.

With every gift, you can send a message for our Hope and Healing Tree at the Quest for Life Centre. Once you’ve made a donation, use the button on the Thank You webpage to send a message of hope, inspiration or memory.

View the videos below to learn more about the difference your support makes.

Stories of Hope and Healing

Petrea, Chris and Robyn share their stories in the hope they resonate and inspire you to donate and fundraise to help others in need.

Petrea's Story

I was told in September of 1983 that I wouldn’t see Christmas of that year. The shock rattled us as a family as we were still grieving my brother Brenden’s recent suicide. When I went into an unexpected remission from acute myeloid leukaemia, my doctor assured me it was only a temporary reprieve. I would still die from the disease and would perhaps have weeks or maybe months, to live. Starting a charity was the last thing on my mind ...

Chris's Story

Chris was a paramedic for 33 years. During this time, he attended many traumatic and challenging jobs. As a result, Chris felt himself becoming more and more isolated. He couldn’t sleep and would cry a lot.

“I became a completely different person,” Chris said.

“I was always known for my sense of humour, but that completely disappeared. I was suffering and so was my family.” ...

Robyn's Story

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1996 and within a couple of weeks I was loaned Petrea’s book, Spirited Women. In the book, I read about the workshops she held in the motel in Bundanoon. I found the book and then the workshop, incredibly uplifting and helpful.

I started attending the Monday support groups with Petrea in Bundanoon and then went to another Spirited Women program in October 1998 ...

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In addition to showing your support by donating, please consider hosting a fundraiser for Quest at your home or in your workplace.

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You can Donate or Create a fundraising page to celebrate 30 years of Quest.

Fundraising ideas:

Host a morning tea to connect with others. Start your morning tea with Petrea King’s meditation Coming to your senses and serve some delicious fresh and healthy food to nourish the spirit. See our recipe blog for ideas.

Host a meditation evening. Gather your friends and view a meditation from Petrea King Meditation Group on Facebook.

Join a fun run in your area and select Quest for Life as the beneficiary on Everydayhero 

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